About Tristan Campbell

Tristan Campbell is a landscape photographer based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, who mainly uses traditional large format film cameras.

My passion for creating images of the landscape began with viewing my grandfather's landscape photography and being deeply inspired by the traditional landscape painters of the 17th and 18th century. My first landscape images were created with pencils and paints. Currently I'm trying to return to these painterly roots but time constraints made painting difficult to fit in and I turned to photography.

For me the large format view camera seems as close as photography gets to painting. Although these cameras can be operated at speed when needed the general pace is typically rather slow and cumbersome. Having a very limited number of (expensive) sheets of film also imposes a very disciplined approach to photography.

Colour negative film is for me the ultimate photographic medium. The dynamic range it is able to capture in a single exposure is breath-taking and the subtle colour and highlight handling all make for a subtle and realistic capture.

Film is developed in a Jobo CPE processor with Fuji Hunt C41 chemicals and then scanned on one of my temperamental scanners where the image is then processed in Photoshop. Image processing is kept to a minimum, typically just colour correction and tonal adjustments.

I do occasionally still use digital, the Canon 5D classic combined with a 17-40mm captured many of my favourite images. Today I use an (old) Canon 1ds3 which produces wonderfully smooth and detailed files and an EOS-M as a digital sketchbook often alongside a film camera.

Rittreck View 5x7

Walker Titan XL 5x4

JTC Superwide

The sheer detail and tonal range that a 5x7 or larger camera is capable of rendering is stunning. Although rather heavy the Rittreck has many more movements than the Walker XL including my prefered tilt control, base tilt. This cameras main downside is that it acts like a sail when the wind gets up.
The Walker Titan XL is made of super strong ABS plastic, it is extremely durable, rigid and stable. Having used a number of 5x4 cameras over the years I can easily say this is my prefered camera.
The JTC Superwide is a 6x9cm pancake camera made by British photographer and camera maker Jack Tait. The camera has 20mm of shift and has a 47mm and 65mm lens. The precision design of this camera ensures extremly high image quality is assured.