The Crimple Valley

The Crimple Valley is part of a Special Landscape Area which rings the southern fringes of Harrogate in North Yorkshire.

The valley is spanned by the 1,875 foot long Crimple Viaduct which brought the railways to Harrogate in 1848. The land is mainly agricultural and provides a range of attractive walks for locals and visitors to the town. Various development proposals have threatened to urbanise this stretch of green land over the years and it seems inevitable that eventually this beautiful landscape will be lost.

Early Summer Copse

Buttercup fields above Stone Rings Beck

View over Crimple Valley from Pannal Junction

Early morning mist in Spacey Houses Whin

Buttercup fields next to Crimple Hall

Bales of hay

Alexanders Hill

Stormy skies over the Crimple Valley

Autumn dawn

Woodland Sunbeams

Oak tree in snow

Autumn berries

Spoil Bank Hoar Frost

Summer Fields

The Moor

Pannal Junction

Woodland mist

Winter morning